Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vanilla Vegan Cupcakes

This month's What's Baking theme is "Spring." Around here, we're dying to see the sun and ready for the warm weather. It's been raining nonstop since it stopped snowing and we're tired of the gloomy days. I decided to make this vegan vanilla cupcake recipe from this wife bakes and top them with my favorite vanilla buttercream decorated like spring flowers. I love trying new things, but for some reason vegan cupcakes never appealed to me. I always skipped over vegan cake and cupcake recipes until recently. I made chocolate vegan cupcakes and they were delicious, so I decided to try a recipe I had bookmarked for vanilla vegan cupcakes. The batter was beautiful and thick and it had a strong vanilla flavor. The cupcakes were good, but they were definitely not my favorite. I would make them again, but bake them a few minutes longer because I think I underbaked them a bit. The texture was a bit off and they were crumby and broke apart very easily. Also, the color was strange. They were not white. They were more of a shade of light brown. These didn't rise much during baking, but I like cupcakes with flat tops because they're easier to decorate, so that wasn't a problem.

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