Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Fizzball Cake

Each year, my cousin has a huge Fourth of July party. It's the kind of party he begins planning for the next year the day after it's over. Everyone in the entire family must attend. It's huge with well over 100 people. There is tons of food, loads of drinks, camping out, music, a pool with a slide and diving board, and games—Fizzball being the main event, of course. Fizzball is basically a drunken game of baseball. A can of (awful, skunky, nasty) beer (such as Milwaukee's Best) is shaken and pitched to the batter. The batter uses a bat, paddle, etc. to hit the can of beer. Points are given by a panel of judges and are based on style, flair, and bribery. If the batter strikes out, he must drink the gross can of beer.

That leads me to the cake. I made a Fizzball cake for the first time last year. I placed a can of beer on top and it was saved and thrown out as the first pitch this year. So, this year I continued the trend and placed a can of beer on top. I kept this cake simple—marbled chocolate and vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream. I also kept it decorated simply, too. I think it came out great since I had to battle 90-degree weather and was terrified it was going to melt all over. All in all I think it looked really awesome and I look forward to making next year's Fizzball cake!

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  1. Sounds like a messy, but fun, game!