Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rose Wedding Cake

I've been asked to make a very special cake: a tiered wedding cake! I've never made a tiered cake before, so I was nervous. Just as I gathered everything I would need to make a sample tiered cake, the bride threw a surprise my way. She asked me to change the tiered wedding cake into a wedding cupcake cake with a tiny cake on top. I was thrilled as I love cupcakes and was full of ideas!

I whipped up this cake as a sample for the bride and groom: carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I decorated it to look like a rose with leaves around the edges and she loved it! We're going to go with a rose theme for the cake and cupcakes and adorn them with accents of purple and white. With a few tweaks, the cake and cupcakes will be perfect, just as I hope her day is and her life with her new husband