Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Godchild's Communion Cake

Two weeks after Sheila's birthday, she received Communion. And like a good godmother, I offered to make her cake. I think this cake looked better than her birthday cake, but the icing still cracked. I'm attributing it to the meringue powder in the Wilton buttercream icing recipe. I've been trying out different icings to combat this problem. I also used a new toy I purchased from Michael's: the Wilton letter press to help me with writing on cakes. I wish the letters were larger, but it looks much better than freehand. The cake was french vanilla with pink vanilla buttercream. I topped the cake with a cross made out of purple roses and maroon drop flowers I learned how to make in the Wilton Course 1 cake decorating class. I was happy with the outcome of this cake and so was my godchild and her parents. They thanked me in front of everyone at the party.

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