Sunday, July 26, 2009

Green Chile Burgers

After seeing Bobby Flay's Throwdown on the Food Network this past week, I've been dying to try a green chile burger. These were easy and delicious. Next time I will plan ahead and roast my own chile peppers. We used canned green chiles to save on time because we were hungry!

85/15 Ground Beef
salt, pepper, garlic salt
2 cans chopped green chiles (or fresh roasted Anaheim, poblano, jalapeno, or any other pepper )
colby-monterey jack cheese
hamburger buns
ketchup, mayo, mustard, etc.

1. Mix ground beef with salt and pepper and form into patties.
2. Drain green chiles and place into foil packet. Sprinkle liberally with garlic salt.
3. Place foil packet on top shelf of grill (on indirect heat) and grill beef patties (on direct heat) until desired temperature.
4. Melt cheese on top of burgers.
5. Top with green chiles and desired condiments.

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